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FP User 01/11/2008

Roland JP-8080 : Recensione di FP User (content in English)


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Ok I'm going to have to say that it could use more filter types, especially a OVERDRIVE/SATURATION option, and more polyphony. Multitimral is that big of a deal (its old) but the polyphony gets annoying with pads. Another thing; MORE EFFECTS! The effects on this thing are pretty lame, basically chorus and phaser and delay (variations on them) with a crappy distortion. Only 2 effects per voice! LAME. Another gripe; the notorious MIDI debacle (there is 2 inputs and no thru)! The MIDI setup coherency (or lack therof) is annoying. Roland could do better. Other than that it has all you expect on a VA synth plus the x-mod which is really cool.



MIDI as I said, is mildly confusing, but other than that its ease of use is average.

Got it used, and it has worked just fine. Seems tough and well built.


The jp-8080 has a great gritty VA sound, along with the infamous supersaw, plus some very original new waveforms; making it a very virsatile synth. It can also be a warm pretty synth if you program it right, which shouldn't be a challange to anyone who has worked with synths. Let me say something about the supersaw real quick; yes, it sounds great, but there is TONS more to this beast that people seem to have neglected (shhh don't tell anybody!). Explore this famous VA!


I like this synth a lot, but I don't quite "love" it, maybe not yet

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