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FP User 01/11/2008

Access Music Virus C : Recensione di FP User (content in English)


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Got loads of features, delay, reverb, EQ, there's a lot towork with. Could have done with some wanging percussion but that's not what this cracking little bitch is for.

Price paid



The manual is not very good. I have relied on forums for most queries and there is a brilliant one at The people here really know their stuff and are happy to help new users. When you get a Virus C you feel part of a community.

Depends what gig!! your sister's wedding or a coke addled illegal party in some wood. It's really well built though, knobs feel good and there's plenty of weight to it. But buy any synth, turn it to an angle, drop it on the floor and tell me what happens!!


The sound is fantastic, you only have to see all the reviews over the internet to find this out. It's got it's own character, a saturated kind of sound with body to it. Definitely not thin. It can best be described as moody, smooth and aggressive.


I love this synth and if it got stolen I would tear the thief into bloody shreds. It's got it's own personal character and a BIG sound.

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