Steinberg Cubase Essential 4
Steinberg Cubase Essential 4

Cubase Essential 4, Sequencer Generale from Steinberg in the Cubase Essential series.

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R-skillz 25/07/2011

Steinberg Cubase Essential 4 : Recensione di R-skillz (content in English)

"Cubase 4 essential "

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Cubase 4 essentials is the entry-level version of cubase 4 studio.
But it has more than enough tools for the beginning recording/mixing engineer.

Cubase 4 essentials includes 64 audio tracks, unlimited Midi tracks, 44 plug-ins incorporating Steinberg's new VST3 protocol, 16 VST instrument slots, the Halion One sample player, plus full latency compensation throughout the signal path.

There's also the new Amp Simulator, with 14 amps and 10 cabinets to mix and match to create the perfect guitar sound


This software works correctly and stable because it doesn't use much cpu power of the computer.

I used cubase 4 essentials for almost a year before switching to protools


I like the easy and clear midi editing possibilities, and i think you get pretty much quality for your money.

The only thing i dont like very much is the mix engine of cubase, thats one of the reasons i switched to protools.