PropellerHead Reason 6
PropellerHead Reason 6

Reason 6, Sequencer Generale from PropellerHead in the Reason series.

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vsavagellc 15/11/2011

PropellerHead Reason 6 : Recensione di vsavagellc (content in English)

"Best Dollar I've ever Spent"

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Propellerheads comes out with Reason 6 which is basically Reason 5 + Record wrapped into one package with a couple of added units. The crossover from Reason 5 to Reason 6 was easy, installation was a breeze. I did have a little issue using the dongle (was mainly user error)

The application is really crowded,I hated this with record and don't feel as if i will ever get use to it in reason 6. So for me personally this is not an easy application to navigate compared to other versions of reason


I've been using Reason 6 since beta and it's been a stable application, I've run into no compatibility issues nor performance issues. The app still is CPU friendly, this is the only reason(no pun intended) that I've been a die had fan for as long as I have. It's the core of my production studio and sound designer rig. The application reads external controllers easily and if you can't seem find you controller you can also add it in as a generic controller (like in previous versions)


Reason 6 sounds excellent (if you're excellent) see Reason has always been one of those software applications where it's quality is strictly determined by the user. The only thing I like about this new version is the new mixer that has been included (from record) what I had is they screwed up the simplicity of the software making it cluttered (like record is) that really upsets me. I like things to flow easily when I'm creating.

What I love most is that I only had to spend $1.00 for my upgrade. I think if I had to come out of pocket $130.00 (considering I already have reason and record) propellerheads would have lost a very valuable customer.

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