Image Line FL Studio 9 Producer Edition
Image Line FL Studio 9 Producer Edition

FL Studio 9 Producer Edition, Sequencer Generale from Image Line in the FL Studio 9 series.

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JoeW1 24/03/2013

Image Line FL Studio 9 Producer Edition : Recensione di JoeW1 (content in English)


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No compatibility issues found while using this DAW.

The manual provided by Image-Line is amateur friendly , great principles , great exposure of the program itself.

The general setup is very simple , no additional effort required , it usually takes just a couple of minutes.

The typical functions are easy to spot , well placed , great guide provided with the soft.


The software works very good even on weaker computers , the program is stable , no crashes while working on your project , no time bugs and no errors.

I'm getting decent performances while using this version of FL , I've been using other versions of FL in the past , for about 4 years.


What I like most about FL is the piano roll editing , the step sequencer , the 30 synth sounds included with the program that are bass , guitar , piano , strings , flute , etc.

Another great thing about FL is the multi channel input so you can record multiple instruments at the same time or just record a single one.

Edison is also a unique feature that FL has , a very powerful recorder that has multiple effects like loop recording , reverb , noise reduction , spectrum etc.

A lot of effects come with the program as well , compressors , limiters , vocoder , reverb , delay , eq and many other cool effects.

My opinion about the value for the price is wow , very cheap product considering the possibilities regarding arranging , editing and mastering.

Precision and quality of the sound is very good , the samples provided with the program aren't as good as let's say in Ableton or Pro Tools , apart from that , everything is perfect.

Knowing what I know , I do think I would buy this product , mainly because of the few resources that it needs and the fact that it can work as a VST in another DAW.