Image Line FL Studio 9
Image Line FL Studio 9

FL Studio 9, Sequencer Generale from Image Line in the FL Studio 9 series.

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Wedges2 16/04/2011

Image Line FL Studio 9 : Recensione di Wedges2 (content in English)

"Great for making beats quickly, not for recording"

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FL Studio only runs on Logic. I run it on Windows XP and it works fine. It hav never crashed except when it's the plugin's fault. It's the easiest DAW to work with and ideal for newcomers. All the features are easily accessible. FL has a great manual online and physical that has helped me a lot.


I've been using it for over a year and on my 32bit 2.0GHz 2GB RAM Gateway I don't have problems with it. Definatly one of the least CPU intensive DAWs on the market. I know you can't use 64bit plugins with FL because they don't make a 64bit version of 9 and even 10 only has a bridge that turns your 64bit plugs to 32bit.

I use FL with an MPD24 and a Casio midi controller and setting up and integrating them with FL is a breeze.


FL is better at some stuff than others. For instance, FL is terrible at recording vocals. I would definatly not recommend this program if that is what your going to be doing. However, I love FL for making beats. I can make very complex beats in half the time with FL than any of DAW just because of the way FL functions.

Mixing isn't the best in FL either. By now you should be realizing FL is just awesome for making a beat, not much else. I still mix in FL because it's better than tracking out the beat and mixing it in another program in my opinion.

I like the plugins that FL comes with. Toxic Biohazzard for example is a plugin I use a lot. The reverb that FL comes with is also one of my personal favorites on instruments.

Overall FL has it's advantages and disadvantages. If your going to make beats with live instrumentation I wouldn't recommend it, but if your just going to make beats and mix them I would give FL a try. I've tried every DAW that is compatible with my computer and I've always landed on FL in the end.