Avid Pro Tools 10
Avid Pro Tools 10

Pro Tools 10, Sequencer Generale from Avid in the Pro Tools series.

public price: 605 € TTC
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stompboxjon 20/06/2012

Avid Pro Tools 10 : Recensione di stompboxjon (content in English)

"worth the 299 to upgrade, but if you buy new its gonna cost you"

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Pro Tools 10 by Avid has out shined many other daws in my opinion and will continue to do so. After comparing Pro Tools 10 to Logic (which a lot of people tend to do because they say logic is its biggest competitor) I have come to realize that the layout of pro tools is a lot more complex than just Logics. Logics can just easily be figured out without any manuals or training. But with Pro Tools 10 by Avid, they layout is rather over whelming and confused me for a while even after being pretty good in Pro Tools 9 it just seemed like 10 was a completely different software. I have been using Pro tools over the years and they never really change too much just some small things here and there but with 10 I think they made some really good changes to functions and some small cosmetic changes.


Performance is very good on my mac, i have been upgraded to 10 since it first came out.


If you are just upgrading then you can get 10 for about 250 dollars, but if you are buying it brand new, good luck trying to get it for less than 700 bucks unless you can get the school or student edition. If you can really dig deep in to pro Tools 10 and it will take some time to do so, then you will really start to understand a lot more about mastering your music that you would have never knew in Logic or Cubase. Pro tools 10 gets you really deep into the process of editing audio and understand how to do so will take some time. I am self taught and it took me a while to get it down years ago. But its knowledge that is worth having because it will take your music to new heights and if you can become certified in Pro tools through a course you can actually really start earning some money editing some major projects for some companies. Pro tools 10 Rocks.