Ableton Live 8 Suite
Ableton Live 8 Suite

Live 8 Suite, Sequencer Generale from Ableton in the Live 8 series.

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picturethis 10/07/2011

Ableton Live 8 Suite : Recensione di picturethis (content in English)

"One of my personal favourites!"

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Ableton live, one of the fastest growing Programs for electronic music in our world.And i am not complaining.

I have has no compatibility issues running this on my 32 bit AND 64 bit versions of my ACER laptops, though both are pretty well powerful running dual 2.5ghz processors with 4gb RAM.
Though im sure it doesnt take a lot to run this program, the stronger the better, right?
I still to this date have not once used the manual as i seem to be the more try and test everything for yourself type of person though i have found a ton of insightful videos on youtube for ableton live.
Accessing all the effects/samplers/synths/whatever else you want is as easy as looking to your left hand side, dropping down an options tab and double clicking what you want.
Simple, Right?
Setup is just like any other DAW really, select your input output source and your off to explore the world of music!


I find this program works brilliant on the performance side of things, Its fast barely/never crashes and if it does its normal due to a massive amount of powerful 3rd party plugins (izotope, korg synths).
The provided sounds/istruments/synths i rarely use as ableton had headed itself more towards the electro/dubstep style of music and for use in a live situation, though i have added all my vsts in to this to use s solely a DAW just because i love the simplicity and feel/look of it.
I have been using this program solely for my home studio for about 7 months and i plan on continuing this until i find something i like better or until i upgrade my studio.
Also just to let you all know my main style of recording is hardcore/metal/(whatever-word-here)core style genres and ableton allows me to produce some nice sounding tracks.


I like how easy MIDI editing and sampling is in ableton, i genreally create songs using guitar pro 5 so i just import the MIDI files in choose a sound and im done.
then if i wish to edit anything its all at a touch of a button!
Also as i got this program for free as a promotion from my local store i have no problems!
I have used many DAWs in my short time as a engineer and i dont know what it is about ableton that i like so much. its easier then small time programs such as adobe audition, logic but not as complex as say pro tools!

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