Synapse Audio Orion Platinium 3.x
Synapse Audio Orion Platinium 3.x

Orion Platinium 3.x, Sequencer Elettronico from Synapse Audio in the Orion series.

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FP User 10/11/2008

Synapse Audio Orion Platinium 3.x : Recensione di FP User (content in English)


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Features are exceptional.A direct competitor to Reason,Fruityloops,and similar all in one soft studios. The Mixer interface is the biggest stong point.Eq on the mixer is excellent. Has good quality soft synths,and samplers.

Very easy to use once you get your head around it. Lots of floating windows get chaotic at first,but you will get used to it,and it's not that bad.


Sound quality is very good.

It's software.I would not gig with my pc.


I like it alot.I like it a lil' more than FL Studio.I have yet to give reason a good spin yet,but I don't think I will need too.This software does what I need it to for the most part.

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