PropellerHead Reason 3.0
PropellerHead Reason 3.0

Reason 3.0, Sequencer Elettronico from PropellerHead in the Reason series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

PropellerHead Reason 3.0 : Recensione di FP User (content in English)


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Reason is the king of feature due to back pannel wiring and the CV gates. Once you explore these and find out what you can do Reason will take you far. THe VSt thing and the vocal are missng, but I hope they never add them. That is not the goal of this program. This is for supppling you with allt the sounds you will need for prodcution. I just wish they found a way to incoperate recyle into the program

Price paid


It not eas at 1st, but its eaiser than most. If you take the time to read the book, you will be leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else.


They added the masterin suite to it. This is what I have been waiting for. No need to rewire your track to make it bang. As from 2.5 the RV7000 reverb and the scream4 distortion unit are top notch. You can get an execlellent sound with it

laptop. This never crashes as much as other programs, thats why I dont want the VSTs


THis is my 2nd hand. I use this on the ship due to the fact that I can't always have my MPC out. I can load samples and finish the entire track and even add some shine to it with the new MClass.

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