PropellerHead Reason 2.5
PropellerHead Reason 2.5

Reason 2.5, Sequencer Elettronico from PropellerHead in the Reason series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

PropellerHead Reason 2.5 : Recensione di FP User (content in English)


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The only thing missing on Reason (i like the fact u cannot bring in other plug ins cause it makes this a stabler product as result) in my opinion is more Dj like features. Maybe a cross fader or tables ala radial cycling 74 even more loop control without resorting to recycle or combine them maybe. Also an easier sampler in the mode of sampletank with more samples would rule too!! still this kicks major ass

Price paid

300 USD

pretty easy though the sampler is somewhat tough, and the wires can be confusing but overall no problems here


Decent, if you add scream and both reverbs to the plate its solid. Redrum is killer though the sounds can be borderline cheesy but if you have skills you can turn cheese to pizza,....the samplers are nice, and malestrom rocks

no crashes, easy to save stuff nuff said,


Love more like til death do us part, reason rules

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