Image Line FL Studio 6 XXL
Image Line FL Studio 6 XXL

FL Studio 6 XXL, Sequencer Elettronico from Image Line in the FL Studio 6 series.

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FP User 10/11/2008

Image Line FL Studio 6 XXL : Recensione di FP User (content in English)


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Nothing is missing imageline did a great job to incorporate everything it needed.imageline understood that so many companies produce vsts and keyboards and sound modules .so why watse time money on creating a sound engine when this software can accompany vsts midi out(keyboards or sound modules and rewire)its sampling capabilities rival that of an mpc. some users use the excuse that software doesnt have the warmtn as hardware does.BS you put in what you put out . the only thing that comes close to fl studio is the roland mv 8000.

very easy to use. youf have to be retarded to not understand whats going on. read the manual! manuals help alot when you need it . everything is pretty much slef explanatory.


Stock sounds are terrible but with the rewire function midi out and support of vsts you have best of all worlds!

its software the only thing that i dont like is the audio mixdown of your track.i dont know if its the algorythms of the prgram or simply the program itself it needs to be improved! but who mixes in fl anyway mix that shit in pt!!


I love it

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