Hoontech DSP24 + ADDA2000 / DSP2000 C-Port
Hoontech DSP24 + ADDA2000 / DSP2000 C-Port

DSP24 + ADDA2000 / DSP2000 C-Port, Scheda Audio PCI/ISA + Rack from Hoontech.

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Audiofanzine FR 16/12/2010

Hoontech DSP24 + ADDA2000 / DSP2000 C-Port : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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Originally written by cardiomax2000 on Audiofanzine FR.

I bought this sound card to record my guitar, bass and vocals. I chose it for its low price and the high number of inputs (allowing you to use it as a mixer). I'm using this sound card with a mid-range computer (256 MB Ram, Intel pentium VI 1,2 Mhz). I also use an amp simulation (Jonson J-station) as a preamp between the guitar and the sound card...


Although the manufacturer has no website anymore, you'll easily find the drivers on the web. Easy installation, no sweat. With the last driver version, the PCI card outputs are deactivated so don't try to connect your speakers to the line out...


I haven't experience any problems with the drivers, so I haven't updated them (don't update a good working system... unless you want to add bugs :) ). I use it with Cubase 4. I don't remember the exact latency time but it's imperceptible... I never tried to record several channels simultaneously...


I've been using it for one year. I don't regret having bought it and I would buy it again without any hesitation. Summary:

* Easy installation (/! with Windows. It seems there are problems with Linux and Mac....)

* Perfect sound

* Many inputs/outputs so that you can use it as a mixer (but don't expect to connect an acoustic drum kit...)

* Driver interface is very easy to understand and to use...


* User's manual, but considering the ease of use, it's a minor problem...

* Mac and Linux support