Soundscape Mixtreme 192 SPDIF
Soundscape Mixtreme 192 SPDIF

Mixtreme 192 SPDIF, Scheda Audio Interna PCI/ISA from Soundscape.

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Audiofanzine FR 02/10/2008

Soundscape Mixtreme 192 SPDIF : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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Value For Money : Excellent
(Originally written by mamoot/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

I bought this card for the following reasons:
- manufacturing quality
- DSP plug-ins (at 48 bit resolution)

I'm using it every day for home studio, multi-track recording and direct to disk recording.

My PC system: Asus P5q deluxe / Intel q6600 / 2 GB crucial PC 8500 / 80 GB HDD + 2 x 120 GB HDD


No installation problems on a PCI port
Perfectly working ASIO and WDM drivers,
The SSL mixer and Audiotoolbox are easily installed and they work great.
No installation problems.

User's manual (PDF only) available on the web site


Incredible drivers stability, not frequently updated...
I mainly use the SSL mixer with Nuendo 3 and sometimes with Live 7 or Reason 4.
I get 5 ms latency at 48KHz/24bit with a buffer size of 256.
While Nuendo provides unlimited tracks for recording and playback, the SSL mixer allows only up to 16 stereo tracks (each one with 4-band EQ + dynamics processing), the CPU can't handle a heavier load...
You should buy the Mixpander to get more processing power...


I bought this product in September 2008

The main advantage of this card is the possibility to use DSP plug-ins, even though there are not many available but their processing quality is outstanding!! It can easily compete against an UAD1... (the only things that might be better are the GUI of the plug-ins and the mixer).
I had a M-audio 192 and a RME 96/8 and I find this card offers a good value for money considering the possibilities it provides.

I would definitely buy it again bundled with a Mixpander 9!!