Roland MV-8000
Roland MV-8000

MV-8000, Sampling sequencer from Roland in the MV series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Roland MV-8000 : Recensione di FP User (content in English)


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To see videos of the unit go to I try to keep em updated...U also see me live workin with it. Its nice to be able to create tracks in a linear mode and pattern...It has an option for Vga and Mouse...Has an option for additional 6 outs if u need it!....upgradable to 512mb of ram but Ive seen people put a gig of Ram in there...This slaughters the sample times of other hardware sequencers....40 gig Hd for storage(I had mine since Feb 04 and only used 10 gig I have seen people upgrade to 120 gig hard drives they are standare Ide)....It has usb option for easy transfer from the computer...DRum grid is excellent for people who have used Fruityloops and like to program there sounds in . It also has a piano roll. Easy too sync loops when importing your own or from a sound cd . Unit has cdrom and Floppy....It has a built in Preamp to connect a turntable directly in. Mixer in unit is good along with the effects Roland should add anothe mfx processor or 2(but the medy fo this is the nice resampling feature + A moving locator in the sample edit screen....I wont be surprised if roland adds this in a new os update..

Price paid

$2100 but that was in Feb '04


Its easy as hell to use providing previous Akai users get deprogrammed from the MPC's language(I have attempted to get into akai products but there are too many sub screens to do the simple things they make good products though) have to speak roland now...its too easy really...Once u learn how to load patches eand save everything then falls into place...I tell people to peep my videos and chechk out the #1 forum for the machine over there u got a resource of Mv vets that can help u easily get into this machine.

I have never had to get it repaired...Never has locked up ....Beats the hell out of a Pc or do know a few peeps that have pressed buttons not pads to hard and they sunk in but I was like wtf thats


Roland hasnt slipped up here has decent factory patches to start with....Has a great mastering section to give u that knock!


My girl is Jealous of the machine because Im always on it....I wake up 4 in the morn to get on it....I feen for this machine like a crackhead to Jayz to Rap....It actually gets tempting to call out of work....ha ha

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