Akai MPC1000
Akai MPC1000

MPC1000, Sampling sequencer from Akai belonging to the MPC1000 model.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Akai MPC1000 : Recensione di FP User (content in English)


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All the features you would need. You able to sample, edit that sample and EQ that sample in one board. Add your own sounds and make music as a professional. The downside, is the small LCD, it isn't as friendly as a computer monitor. And when chopping a sample you don't have the zoning feature as the MPC 2000XL or do you have the option of time stretching. But other then that, all is good with it. What more can you ask for in a portable music production center?

Price paid

$800 USD


It is quite simple to use. The manual explains everything so clear, but at times you will have to call upon outside help to navigate through some of the features. I would change the interface, I am so comfortable with it, that I can operate the MPC in the dark, sometimes.

It is durable, My Behringer mixing board felt on top of the MPC from the desk to the floor and the didn't scratch it or damage the screen or the board. So that is tough machine for me. No repairs have been done. The pads are tough too, because I been banging on them for a while and still they uphold the pounding.


The sound quality is on point. No complaints about it. Just the quality I need for making professional sounding music.


I love it. Everything you need in a portable machine. The only downside is the missing feature of time stretch and zoning. I carry this lightweight as if it was my own laptop. So small to fit in a backpack without putting a lot of weight or pressure on the shoulders or back.

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Posted by: westlogic ( 1-, 2006)