Akai MPC4000
Akai MPC4000

MPC4000, Sampling sequencer from Akai in the MPC series.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Akai MPC4000 : Recensione di FP User (content in English)


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Haven't played with this machine yet, but if the features do all they say they do, than this is a beast of a machine. I have the Roland MV8000 and the features on this machine are sick. I hoping the features on this MPC4000 are just as tight or tighter because I tell everyone right now. Roland has come up with the answer to all of mpc users problems with this machine. I haven't used the sequencer on it because I build my tracks using the vga monitor so if anyone on this board has both machines like I do let me know which one they feel is the best.(MV8000 is cheaper in price and I have not heard of any defaults like I have on the 4000)

Price paid: $2,700


Don't know yet. Except I played with a friend of mines and it got me fustrated because I banged out beats on the 2000xl without even reading the manual. I'm a little sadden that they changed the way you can just hop on it and make a track, but if it's because of all the new features than it's a learning curve I'll deal with and I may find it to be nothing at all in the future. I say Just Blaze make a track in less than five minutes on Smack DVD, so it may not be hard at all.


I heard a few samples out of this thing from my friends Mpc4000 and they sound clear. If you want grime time samples then sample them grimey.


I love the way its built minus the front look. Sturdy is always a plus in my book. After playing with my friends and the local Guitar Center's Mpc4000, it helped my make my choice on whether or not to buy one. I always felt like my 2000xl would bust wide open because of the cheezy hard plastic/metal frame. This 4000 looks like it can take some punishment. But I wont test it by dropping it or anything. (this thing cost too much for that)

Don't know if I love it yet. Somebody call me so I can get started on this thing and I'll know if I'll love it or not. Right now I love my Roland MV8000 I just got my mpc today and I haven't even opened the box yet. Before I do, I wanna know if anyone can tell me the first thing I should do if I wanna get a sequence going. I come from the mpc2000 and 2000xl days. I played around with a friend of mines mpc4000 and it through me for a big loop. (pun intended)I've read a few reviews on this board and it seems like a few of y'all really know your 4000's. I just wanna make a few sequences to get my juices flowing and then I'll get into the real strong points of the machine.

I feel like Akai makes the best sequencers. I'm old school, but not too old school to know that it never hurts to update your machines. Now if you have some machine and you've mastered it then, keep it. But if you have a machine mastered and they come out with another machine that does the same thing, but gives you more options that you may use and you can afford it, than there's nothing wrong with updating. You gotta know what you want your machines to do before you get them. Either you will do everything the machine is capable of or half of the things. Put your money into what these machines do. Don't by a sampler sequencer if all you wanna do is sequence and vice versa. I say milk these machines for everything because they're not cheap. You have to be a tech head/beat making lover to by this hardware especially with computers costing the same price if not cheaper.

Me, I like sitting there bangin' beats with my fingers instead of tapping with a mouse. But it's nice to have the option to swich if needed. No ratings yet because I haven't used it. If anyone wants to give me tips on the easiest way to get started hit me up at 671-820-3660 I could read the book, but I find it easier to talk to people first and then go back to the book. Plus akai always made things harder than they needed to when reading their manuals. (Roland always had it on point)

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