Soniccouture GuZheng - Chinese Zither
Soniccouture GuZheng - Chinese Zither

GuZheng - Chinese Zither, Sample World&Etno from Soniccouture.

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songboy 02/09/2011

Soniccouture GuZheng - Chinese Zither : Recensione di songboy (content in English)

"A wonderful taste of the Orient"

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This is a Multi Sampled instrument. This is another plugin that is designed to be hosted in a soft sampler such as Kontakt. Kontakt can be a tricky beast to navigate and understand, but if you get a basic working knowledge of its functions, you can be up and running with most every plugin you use in it within minutes.


This is really only a one trick pony. It is essentially a very accurate, very sonically pleasing instrument that only needs to be itself. Infact, every effect I have tried to use on this plugin is shortly taken off as there is no reason to mess with such a pure sounding instrument. I do all sorts of music from rock/electronica/movie scoring/ and producing all kinds of music. Every time a client asks for something a little "ethnic" on their track, I usually show them this and they are instantly happy. I run this on a MacBook Pro i7 with Ableton 8 and Logic 9. I also use an RME FireFace 800 as my sound card. So far this instrument has performed flawlessly.


What I like most about this instrument is how real it feels when you play it with a keyboard. There are little features like the sound of your fingers "dragging" across the strings when making large jumps on the keyboard or even the option to trigger a "harp" like run for that quintessential kung fu fighting movie sound. Basically, they did a great job bringing a very rare and expensive instrument to my computer for easy and instant use. I am very thankful for that as I have loved this instrument since I saw it in the move "Kung Fu Hustle" (great movie by the way). I can't find anything wrong with this instrument. I paid $79 for this plugin and I am extremely happy with my purchase and feel I got my money's worth. The precision and sound quality is truly amazing. I have never played the real thing, but this must be very close. I have used built in presets in hardware synths and in ESX 24 and this one blows them all away. I highly recommend this instrument for those who are in search of a viable reproduction of the Gu Zheng.