Line 6 Verbzilla
Line 6 Verbzilla

Verbzilla, Reverb per chitarra from Line 6 in the ToneCore Pedals series.

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VishNuRoXoUt 05/04/2011

Line 6 Verbzilla : Recensione di VishNuRoXoUt (content in English)

"Fantastic reverb unit!"

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The Verbzilla is a stereo digital reverb pedal with plenty of features. It has stereo ins and outs a 9VDC adapter and has a pretty unique build. The switch feels a bit weak, but it's taken all my abuse so far. It has 5 knobs and a trail switch to let the reverb trail off after it is disengaged, which is really nice.


This pedal is pretty amazing. Very tweakable and extremely useful. The five knobs are mix, decay, time, tone and the mode selector. It has 11 reverb modes: '63 Spring, Spring, Plate, Room, Chamber, Hall, Ducking, Octo, Cave, Tile and Echo. It's a very simple pedal to understand and you can get very wide ranges of reverb out of this pedal.


I used this particular reverb for my guitar only. But i'm sure it would be capable of doing vocals well too. I really like the '63 spring, cave and octo modes a lot. The shimmery octo mode is a lot of fun for creating soundscapes and tracks pretty fast. The Cave mode is really cool, with long decay and time with a pretty high mix it can seem to last forever. Really great for clean passages and ambient stuff. The '63 spring mode is super close to a real spring reverb and has fantastic response. I could go on and on. Very awesome sounding pedal.


For the price, it is an incredible buy. It has loads of features and sounds incredible. I tried a few different reverbs out before settling on this one. It just sounds fantastic. The cave sound is a very unique sound that is only found on Line 6's gear if I remember correctly. It's my favourite setting on the pedal. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a cheap, very simple and great sounding reverb.