Tascam DR-2d - Black
Tascam DR-2d - Black
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ipietri 04/05/2017

Tascam DR-2d - Black : Recensione di ipietri

"great dual recording option"

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Advanced Users
I have 4 digital recorders and 2 of them are Tascam DR-2D .
I love this recorder because it has the great dual recording option; the option allows you to save 2 file, one with your main level settings and the other at lower level (you can set from -1 until -12db) so when you are taping a concert you have a backup file at lower level and you have more chance to avoid saturations .
the option is valid for internal mics and also for external mics (option not always available in other Tascam models).
a real shame it's discontinued so I bought another to have a backup.