Korg Sound On Sound
Korg Sound On Sound
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mike.hullbb 27/05/2013

Korg Sound On Sound : Recensione di mike.hullbb (content in English)

"great little easy device"

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I baught it because I don't want to bounce after two or three recordings. It is really easy to use. Just follow your instinct. For the money it is just great. I used the Boss micro BR and it does a very good job too, but Like I said before, I have to bounce every now and then, because it only has four tracks. Now I can just keep on recording and at the end I finalize the material and put it into my computer. Realy cool! The quality of the microphone is not too bad, but if I want to make a more quality recording, I rather use my AKG condensator microphone. I use the Micro BR in combination with the Korg sos. The BR has more effects then the Korg. Still I am very happy with it and I am using it to make real CD's!