Xlutop Chainer
Xlutop Chainer
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theaudioandvideoguy 25/07/2012

Xlutop Chainer : Recensione di theaudioandvideoguy (content in English)

"real time effects rack"

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Xlutop Chainer is a multi-effects rack that will work perfect for your pc. It is all in real time and you will get some pretty awesome effects when running your vst’s through this software. I used Xlutop Chainer on so many mixer tracks at the same time I am no sure how it didn’t cause any problems because I had so many versions of it open at the exact same time. They said that it works great with ASIO drives and it does, those are the drivers that I use and if you have ASIO you will be able to use Xlutop Chainer on almost every mixer track that you use for your session without it causing any glitches or bugs.


Installing Xlutop Chainer was very quick easy and painless. Just put it in your vst folder on your computer so your daw can recognize it and go into your daw and load it up in your mixer. You can used up to I think 10 chains and effects that will process any audio going through them all in real time. A lot of people compare Xlutop Chainer to Guitar Rig. Although I do think Guitar Rig is slightly better than Chainer is for the simple fact that I like the effects that it has a little more than Chainer. But Chainer will run better on your system then Guitar Rig will.


Xlutop Chainer has been running on my system for a while now and it only cost around 60 US dollars. The total size of the program is 1000 KB which is pretty big but it wont seem that big once you install it. You will love the cool sounds you will get when using Xlutop Chainer on your vst’s or maybe even some vocals depending on what type of music you are into.