Penny & Giles 05 Pro Scratch Fader
Penny & Giles 05 Pro Scratch Fader

05 Pro Scratch Fader, Prodotto DJ from Penny & Giles.

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FP User 01/11/2008

Penny & Giles 05 Pro Scratch Fader : Recensione di FP User (content in English)


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This is a cross fader...

Price paid


It seems hard to say whether a cross fader has a good sound quality or not, compared to the standard fader that comes with the mixer the P&G has never leaked, crackled, or made any contact noise against the side of the mixer due to its excellent engineering.

I have been scratching for 4 years now and have been using the same P&G fader for two of those years. Before that I had gone through about 10 standard faders. The ease of use with this product is phenomenal, it is still as smooth as silk and has taken a fair battering over the years with my friends learning to cut!

This fader has never had any decline in its quality since day 1. After long hours of use the other day I thought it had gone a bit sticky but after a shot of WD40 it was like new again. I would never recomend using anything on a cross fader but due to the way this one is built(open cased) it is easy to keep serviced.

Basicaly this fader is so amazing it makes me want to get naked... well almost. As I said above I have never had any issues with any aspects of this fader. It has helped me become a better all round DJ because I have never got p1ssed off with it leaking or sticking EVER! If you wanna learn to cut or already do but cant justify spending the best part of a ton on a fader:IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY. Belive Safe UK

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