TC-Helicon VoiceTone D1
TC-Helicon VoiceTone D1

VoiceTone D1, Processore vocale from TC-Helicon in the VoiceTone series.

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JimboSpins 02/01/2013

TC-Helicon VoiceTone D1 : Recensione di JimboSpins (content in English)

"Made for the road."

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The Tone D1 by TC Helicon is a detune pedal that is very easy to use. It will allow you to have complete control over your vocals at the push of a pedal. You can do some really cool stuff with this pedal if you learn to use it correctly. This is the perfect way to get studio style doubling effects to your live performances.


It is very easy to use, you can plug your microphone directly into this pedal (it does have a built in preamp) and then start messing with knobs and watch what it does to your sound. We even use this in the studio because it can do some doubling that we cannot recreate in a real session and if you get creative with it you will do some amazing stuff with your voice.


The preamp is quiet and there are no problems when plugging your microphone into it. This unit is made to last a long time because it is made out of metal and underneath of it, it has rubber so it does not slide when using it on a hard surface. Like most of TC Helicons pedals you can plug it into your computer for support or for updates from them.


Overall this is a great doubling and detune effects pedal. It is very affordable and for anyone who is a live performer you almost have to have pedals like these added to your set up so you can get the sound you want on stage. This is a great value for the price and I am happy that I purchased it. We will be using it for many years to come and we have no worries of it ever not working for us because after using it just for a few weeks now we can tell it will hold up just fine. It is made for the road!