TC Electronic M300

M300, Processore Multi-effetto from TC Electronic.

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songboy 12/04/2011

TC Electronic M300 : Recensione di songboy (content in English)

"Great efx unit for small price"

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On this unit you get a bunch of reverbs, a bunch of delays, phaser, chorus, flanger, compression and a de-esser. This is one of the nice things about this unit, it has analog TRS 1/4" , SPDIF and MIDI in and out connections. This is a blend of Analog and Digital processing. Yes, you can edit the unit via a MAC/PC through midi editing software (midiquestXL) and I think I heard there is a software plugin you can use to control it, but I prefer to use the knobs on the front of the box. Yes, this is a rackable unit.


Yes, the effect editing is very easy as most of everything is setup to be controlled by a knob or a button. I find the general configuration and setup is very simple. Issues can arise in poorly lit areas because you need to be able to read the small print on the unit inorder to adjust the knobs to where you want. The manual is clear and sufficient and I recommend perusing it to learn how to save presets and how to get the most out of this unit.


I use this unit on a send/return track in ableton so that I can run virtually anything into it at my leisure. It works great for synthesizers (plugin and hardware) and my Rhodes Piano. I feel the reproduction of my instruments suffer no loss of quality. The delays are realistic and the Reverb is nice and full. I hear no coloring of sound that stands out. My favorite sounds on this unit are the delays. You get many options (simple, ping pong, tape, slapback) and you can control them very easily. I am not very impressed by the compression. Its ok, but I have some vintage compressors that make me a little biased.


What I like most about this unit is it's flexibility and the fact that you can use two of the effects at the same time (dual engine processing). The only thing I am not impressed by is the compression but its no serious fault, its just not my first choice, but still usable. Brand new this unit is $150. You will pay that same price for a decent plugin and I would recommend this way before most software plugins. I paid $50 so that was an amazing deal. If I had to quantify it, I would give it an 8 out of 10 for sound quality. I have used individual effect processors (Alesis Midi Verb, yamaha delay, boss delay, etc...) and I find this unit holds up to all of them.
For the price I got it for, I would buy another one. Even at full price, its still a good deal.