Eventide H8000FW
Eventide H8000FW

H8000FW, Processore Multi-effetto from Eventide.

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Hatsubai 02/06/2011

Eventide H8000FW : Recensione di Hatsubai (content in English)

"Eventide's new workhorse"

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The Eventide H8000FW is the king of all effects processors. There is more technology and processing power in this thing than any other rack device out there. It has all of the famous rack algorithms built into this, the ability to make your own algorithms, 5.1 sound setups, full MIDI implementation, and of course, the world's most famous harmonizer.


I might as well start with the bad things. The device is extremely hard to use if you're not familiar with Eventide products. Editing and making great presets from scratch is a huge pain. The stock presets themselves are also a bit over the top. The worst thing is that there's some lag as the presets load. This can cause some issues if you're using it in a live rig without utilizing some sort of workaround. The manual is also bigger than a phonebook. That said, it contains some of the most ridiculous features that no other rack device has on the market. Not even the Axe-Fx can do everything the H8000FW can do.


The sound quality with this device is beyond amazing. This is the device that all the big boys use in their studios, and it's no real surprise. It doesn't matter if you're making a classic rock album or some brand new Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. You can do everything with this one device. The reverbs and delays are ridiculously lush and soothing. They are deeper than anything I've ever heard. Don't even get me going about the harmonizer. It's seriously that good.


The biggest issue with the H8000FW, aside from the price, is that it's extremely expensive. If you can find one used, it will be worth picking up, but until then, it's hard to recommend used. However, if you do have a deep pocketbook, this should be one of the foremost devices you should try to get your hands on. There's no other device on the market as good as this thing in terms of effects.