TL Audio 5050 Mono Tube Preamp & Compressor
TL Audio 5050 Mono Tube Preamp & Compressor

5050 Mono Tube Preamp & Compressor, Preamplifictore Valvolare from TL Audio in the Ivory 2 series.

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moosers 19/04/2010

TL Audio 5050 Mono Tube Preamp & Compressor : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The TL Audio Ivory Series 5050 is a channel strip in the form of a piece of outboard gear, consisting of microphone preamplifier and a compressor. It is made up of analog components, and since the original 5050 has come out they have put out a newer version of this, which I haven't used. The 5050 has XLR connections in the back for your main connections, and also has a 1/4" input in the front for plugging your instrument in directly. It is in rackable form and will take up two spaces.


Using the TL Audio Ivory Series 5050 is overall a fairly simple process. Even though there are a good amount of parameters to account for, they aren't complicated to use or anything like that. The mic preamp section has a knob for gain level, and buttons for mic/line selection, phantom power, and a high pass filter at 90 Hz. The compression section has knobs for threshold, ratio, and gain make up, as well as buttons for attack, release, and bypass. There is also another large knob to set your overall output level called 'output fader.'


The tone of the TL Audio Ivory Series 5050 is pretty awesome, especially when you consider what you're getting for the price. Even setting the price factor aside, this is a very good sounding channel strip that can hang with a lot of gear that is more expensive than itself. It has a good amount of versatility between the preamp and the compressor, making it suitable for applications of pretty much any type. While both the mic preamp and the compressor has a similar ilk to them, I would have to say that the preamp is really the best part of this channel strip. While the compressor definitely sounds good, it isn't as impressive as the mic pre and really is just an added bonus as far as I'm concerned.


If you're looking for a channel strip that is under $1000 USD, the TL Audio Ivory Series 5050 is a great place to start looking. Of course you will have a tone of options to choose from out there, many of which rival and surpass the 5050, but all in all this is a very solid piece of gear that is worthy of looking into. TL Audio boasts a slew of impressive gear, so I'd definitely encourage those interested to check out the 5050 as well as the other units in the Ivory Series and beyond from TL Audio...