Inward Connections TMP-1 Tube Mic Preamp
Inward Connections TMP-1 Tube Mic Preamp

TMP-1 Tube Mic Preamp, Preamplifictore Valvolare from Inward Connections.

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moosers 11/12/2010

Inward Connections TMP-1 Tube Mic Preamp : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Inward Connections TMP-1 Tube Mic Preamp is a module that is designed for use with Inward's Vac Rac casing. It's similar to a 500 series rack, but this one is specifically made for Inward tube modules, and there are just four of them to choose from. I've used the TMP-1 in a rack along with their tube EQ and tube limiter, making for an absolutely awesome vocal chain. The module has it's own XLR connections for input and output as well as 1/4" slots for fader, return and send jacks. It also has a 1/4" jack on the front of it for using it as a DI. This fits inside of the Vac Rac 4000 (and maybe other?) racks, so it's not usable outside of this casing.


Using the Inward Connections TMP-1 Tube Mic Preamp isn't hard in the least. It has two leveling knobs for gain and a finer trim, as well as the full array of further options you'd want and expect in a great preamp. It's got switches for phantom power, a -20 db pad, phase reverse, and a mic/line selector. It also has a VU meter for monitoring your level. I haven't seen the manual for this preamp, nor do I think I ever will since it's easy enough to use.


The Inward Connections TMP-1 Tube Mic Preamp is one of the best sounding tube preamps I've used to date. It has a super warm and thick sound that's perfect for recording just about anything you'd want to use a tube preamp on. I used this along with other Inward modules like the EQ and limiter, which is a truly awesome chain for recording vocals. I love having the extra trim knob for setting a more precise level when needed, but you really don't need to worry much about getting a good sound from this as it will pretty much do the work for you.


Although it's a costly investment, the Inward Connections TMP-1 Tube Mic Preamp is one of the best of it's kind. You won't be able to use it outside of Inward's Vac Rac casing as it's specifically designed for use with this and not compatible outside of it. The good news is that you do decide to go the Vac Rac route, you can build an incredible series of modules, all tube based, which isn't something that's possible with a 500 series casing. The tradeoff is that you only get four modules to choose from, but having used three of them I can say that they are absolutely top notch. The Inward TMP-1 and Vac Rac and worth serious consideration for any professional looking for top of the line tube gear.