A-designs MP-2A
A-designs MP-2A

MP-2A, Preamplifictore Valvolare from A-designs.

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moosers 10/08/2010

A-designs MP-2A : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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A-Designs MP-2A is a dual channel tube microphone preamplifier that should be used only inside the confines of a professional or semi-professional recording studio. There is also a single channel version of this preamp, known as the MP-1A. The connections found on the MP-2A include XLR jacks for both channel's inputs and outputs, and 1/4" direct input jacks in the front for plugging your instrument directly into the preamp. It is rack mountable and will take up two rack spaces.


The A-Designs MP-2A pretty much has any and all of the features that you'd want on a microphone preamplifier. Each channel has large leveling knobs for your input gain, and switches for polarity, a -20 db pad, phantom power, and two separate tone switches that allow you to even further the possibilities with your sound, which isn't something I've seen on many other preamps. If you're familiar with these standard parameters for preamps, it goes without saying that you won't need a manual.


I really don't have a bad thing to say about the way the A-Designs MP-2A sounds. It's the perfect blend of that warm tube sound mixed with clarity and crispness. It's transparent sounding, which isn't something that you'll normally get with a tube preamplifier. It also doesn't sacrifice fullness as it has a body as wide as any preamp out there. I've used the MP-2A recently for recording a few different applications, including vocals, snare drum, and electric guitar. It will undoubtedly be able to handle whatever you throw to it...


The A-Designs MP-2A is the perfect stereo tube preamplifier to add to your home or professional studio. While most home studio owners probably won't be able to afford this, those who will be able to will be getting a top tier tube preamp for their front end. If you're looking at tube preamplifiers for any studio, definitely keep the MP-2A in your thoughts, as it simply sounds amazing...