Seventh Circle Audio J99

J99, Preamplificatore Transistor from Seventh Circle Audio.

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moosers 26/11/2011

Seventh Circle Audio J99 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Seventh Circle Audio J99 is a build your own preamplifier module. Check out Seventh Circle Audio in full before you read this review to get a good idea of what they're all about. Basically they offer up kits for making your own preamps, with the J99 being a Jensen Twin Servo style preamp. I haven't put one of these together myself but have used it in a studio where someone did. They also do sell them pre-assembled, but you'll need to use it also in tandem with the Seventh Circle Audio chassis casing. It's only rackmountable and usable with said casing.


All of the Seventh Circle Audio preamps share the same controls on the outside, but of course there's a whole other process to familiarize yourself with if you're planning on putting together one of these on your own. Again, I haven't done it myself but I've heard that it isn't very difficult if you're somewhat experienced and are able to solder. The J99 has controls for gain control, a finer level control, and switches for phantom power and phase reverse.


I really like the way the Seventh Circle Audio J99 sounds. I haven't used many other Jensen based preamps, but regardless this preamp stands up on it's own. There is a version of the Jensen made by John Hardy. The J99 is special because it's got a lot of depth and is still bright enough to cut through very well. It's awesome for a variety of applications including kick drum, snare drum, and acoustic guitar. It's definitely versatile. The problem isn't going to be what to use it on, the problem is going to be how to step up everything else that aren't using the J99.


If you have a Seventh Circle Audio preamp collection and don't have a J99, you better get on top of that sooner than later. Once you've got the chassis, putting together your own collection is the fun part as you get to pick and choose what modules you'd like. Of course there are other great options that you should also cover to have a different sound, but the J99 is a must have in there! In fact you should start a Seventh Circle case just so you can have the J99!