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moosers 26/02/2009

Avalon M5 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Avalon M5 is a single channel solid state microphone preamp. It has XLR connections and it is not rackable. It also has a big meter that is easy to read and is helpful when setting your level.


The configuration and manipulation of the Avalon M5 is basic and easy to follow. You've got a knob to set your microphone level, and one to set the frequency for the filter. It also has a polarity reverse, a -20 dB pad and a filter in button. I've never seen the manual so I can't speak to how helpful it is.


The overall sound quality of the Avalon M5 is clean will reproduce the signal from your microphones accurately and faithfully. It has a full tone and is extremely easy to get a quick level from this. It won't color your sound and is overall an accurate portrayal of what the microphone sounds like. The filter is handy when I am trying to zero in on a certain tone or for simply cutting noise out of the signal. This works great for a number of different applications including vocals, bass guitar and horns of all kinds, especially on saxophone.


I've been using the Avalon M5 for about a year. Compared to the Avalon 737, this pre is much simpler to use and has a similar tone quality. I love using this pre to get a quick tone when I want to use something other than the preamps in my audio interface or board. The price is pretty expensive, but it is a high end pre and has a great tone to it. Avalon makes well built products with a great sound and the M5 is a prime example of the units they make. I definitley recommend this to those interested in a high quality single channel preamp.