Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity
Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity

710 Twin-Finity, Preamplificatore Ibrido from Universal Audio.

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mooseherman 10/02/2010

Universal Audio 710 Twin-Finity : Recensione di mooseherman (content in English)


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This is an interesting box right here. A multi-purpose device (mic pre and DI box), it's also got the unique feature of employing both solid-state and tube design. This is a rackable unit that has input level and output level knobs. The input is a solid state transimpedence, and the unit has two gains operating simultaneously to the same output. There is a knob that allows you to select one or the other, or the blend that you want. There aren't usually effects on mic pres, but the range and flexibility of this one allow you to really experiment with the timbre of whatever you're recording, and can result in some strange distortion.


Editing the sound in this preamp is a bit more of a fine process than with most pres, but it's not difficult. Basically, you can control input level, output level, how much tube and solid-state signals you want, and there are options for pads, phantom power, and low cut and polarity. This thing is pretty versatile when it comes to sounds and uses. The manual explains things a bit more in-depth for those who aren't as familiar with mic pres, but other than the tube/transistor knob, there's not much that hasn't been seen before.


The console isn't exactly transparent unless you set it that way. This is different depending on the instrument. The thing about this pre is that it's such a crazy blend of solid-state and tube that you can get the positive qualities of both technologies without any of the drawbacks. Thus you get the warmth of a tube amp with the high response of solid-state. The fact that you can get a great DI sound out of it as well only adds to its charm. It sounds great on drums, guitar, vocals, almost anything. In this respect it's one of the more versatile mic pres in its price range. It sounds great when on the tube setting especially, as I tend to prefer the tube pres. It also can be adjusted to make anything sound more natural.


I think that for the price, this mic pre possibly can't be beat. Since it's only about $800 on the street, it's way better than anything that averages at about that price. The sound quality is superb, and it never colors the sound in an unpleasant or unnatural way. I have used many mic-pres in my time, but I haven't been able to find a better one for doing so many different kinds of tones. It's a budget engineer's best friend, I was able to sell off two other mic pre's as this one outperformed them both. I would certainly say that this is a great choice for anyone.