Fender 355 Shell Heavy
Fender 355 Shell Heavy

355 Shell Heavy, Plettro from Fender.

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mooseherman 28/04/2010

Fender 355 Shell Heavy : Recensione di mooseherman (content in English)


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I think that Fender really messed up with this one. This pick is so big that it's really hard to play. The bottom of the pick is a normal size, but it's shaped like an enormous triangle. I find that it's pretty tough to play with these guys, as they are awkward and don't allow your hand to move gracefully at all. The shape alone just feels very strange, like I'm not actually playing with a pick at all. I'm sure that if somebody started playing with picks that were shaped like this, they might have a different opinion of them. But they are so clumsy, who would really want to use that from day one?
I like to sometimes switch between fingerpicking and playing with a pick, and I have worked at this technique of switching to the point where I can actually just hold the pick against my palm and start fingerpicking with ease (all while using every finger on my right hand to pick). This pick made that pretty much impossible. I know that this situation is probably a rarity amongst guitarists, but I also doubt that anyone has hands that are big enough to be comfortable playing this. I will say this; possibly, people whose hands cramp up easily might need to keep their fingers farther apart, and thus, would possibly need the pick to be larger. However, I'd say that anybody with that issue probably shouldn't be playing guitar, as playing well is going to necessitate putting your hands through a serious workout anyway.
As far as the width goes, I guess this is a fine pick size. Most players who play rock, and especially lead players, are going to need a heavy pick honestly. It's just that if you want to play fast leads, this pick is just too awkwardly shaped; it gets stuck between strings a lot. You are definitely better off with the Fender heavy that is shaped like the more traditional pick.