Dunlop Ultex Jazz III
Dunlop Ultex Jazz III

Ultex Jazz III, Plettro from Dunlop in the Ultex series.

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glassjaw7 30/03/2011

Dunlop Ultex Jazz III : Recensione di glassjaw7 (content in English)

"The ultimate Jazz III?"

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Dunlop's Jazz III picks have become my preference after using my buddy's a couple years ago. It took me a little while to get used to the small size, pointed tip and clarified attack in my tone, but once I got used to having that precision and control, I couldn't go back to the standard sized picks I had been using.

As I stated in my review of the standard Dunlop Jazz IIIs, these picks have drastically improved my playing! It seems silly that such a small part of the signal chain and gear arsenal can have such a big impact on my playing, but it's true. I had hit a wall in my playing and the scalar runs and sweep picking patterns I was attempting with my standard Tortex picks were coming out a mess! Enter the Jazz III. Smaller for less travel while alternate picking, and harder plastic that doesn't get hung up on the strings, along with a very pointy tip add up to give you fast, precision picking.

The Ultex takes this one step further. This is an extra hard and "glassy" feeling pick that has even less grab than the standard red/black Jazz IIIs. The pick seems to just slide right off of the strings resulting in a very fast release. This makes shred very accurate and the extra hard and glassy material offers a bright and glassy tone. Notes seem to be more crisp and detailed than they do with standard picks. There are times when I still reach for my standard Red Jazz IIIs, like when I want the pick to have a little more stick and grab. If I'm playing chunky rhythms or layered chords, I usually grab the regular III. If I'm attempting to do some more involved speed playing, or if I just want that bright glassy tone, I use the Ultex! I bought a few of the Ultex IIIs just try out, and I'm still using the first one 6 months later! It has literally no wear at all. These things are very tough and durable! (or I play like a wimp;)

I love the Ultex picks and can't see paying insane prices for some of the other high endurance picks out there. These are about the best I've used!