Dunlop Gator Grip
Dunlop Gator Grip

Gator Grip, Plettro from Dunlop belonging to the Gator Grip model.

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tjon901 12/07/2011

Dunlop Gator Grip : Recensione di tjon901 (content in English)

"Non-slip pick for heavy riffs"

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The 2mm Gator Grip pick has been my preferred pick for many years. I was able to quickly find what kind of pick I liked. I first started with the Green 88mm Tortex picks that many people love. I liked the size of the pick but they were not stiff enough for me. The Tortex picks had a bit too much flex for me. If I was a mainly acoustic player I probably would still be using them. I could not get enough definition when using these picks. I then tried out some Jazz 3's which a lot of my friends use. I loved the stiffness of the pick and the sharpness of the top. With the Jazz 3 I got a really sharp attack and nice clarity with the sound but the pick was so small that I would drop them easily or they would turn around in my hand. With the Gator Grip 2mm picks I guess everything I like with the Tortex picks and everything I like with the Jazz 3. The 2mm is very stiff and is coated with this strange non slip surface. It is like sandpaper but it will wear off after a few days of playing. The picks are as big as the Tortex picks so I do not drop them either. They are moderately sharp but could be sharper. This pick gives a unique feeling as it goes across the string because it is so thick. It does not really bite into the string like a Jazz 3 does it kinda glides across it once it is broken in. When it still has the sandy surface on it the pick kinda rubs against the string like if you are using a coin. So if you are into really heavy picking and want a pick that will stand up to the toughest riffs I recommend the Gator Grip 2mm.