Dunlop Big Stubby
Dunlop Big Stubby

Big Stubby, Plettro from Dunlop belonging to the Big Stubby model.

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tjon901 20/11/2011

Dunlop Big Stubby : Recensione di tjon901 (content in English)

"Big with a very smooth release on the string"

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Back when I first started playing guitar I tried out a lot of stuff to see what I prefered. This included picks and strings for the most part. Once I discovered that larger picks suited my style of playing I went to tried to find the largest picks I could find. That happened to be the 3mm Dunlop Big Stubby. When I went to play with these picks I noticed something that I didnt like about them compared to what I had been using the 2mm Gator Grip picks. I noticed that personally I prefer an abrasive surface on the pick even If its not where my fingers are touching it. With the smooth plastic on the Big Stubby it comes off the string very smoothly. Some people may like this but I prefer some resistance on the string. I might be crazy but thats just what a prefer. The textured portion of the pick also does not provide much traction when your fingers become sweaty. A lot of picks have this same problem. I have seen companies starting to make picks with holes in them in an attempt to provide more traction for your fingers. I also noticed that I prefer a more blunted edge on the pick. A lot of people including my buddy who I jam with uses Jazz XL's because they are so sharp. For some reason I do not like the sharp picks and the Big Stubby is pretty sharp. This may have to do with the how it feels when it is coming off the string. Picks are a very personal thing I think so you have to play around with them and find the one that works best for you. Picks are not expensive so just about everyone can afford to experiment with them.