Dunlop Jazz III XL Series
Dunlop Jazz III XL Series

Jazz III XL Series, Plettro from Dunlop.

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tjon901 15/07/2011

Dunlop Jazz III XL Series : Recensione di tjon901 (content in English)

"Larger version of the Jazz III"

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For the longest time I have tried to get use to the popular Jazz III pick. All my buddies use them and are always telling me is the best pick out there. I have used them on and off and always come away not liking them much. My biggest problem with them was the size. With the small size of the Jazz III I always felt them turning around in my hand and dropping them. I am use to bigger picks like the Dunlop Gator Grip 2mm. The Gator Grip also has a non slip surface which is similar to sand paper. The Jazz III”s are pretty smooth with just raised lettering to give traction. My friend told me if you do not like the Jazz III's because of their size you should try the Jazz III XL picks. I spent some time searching for them and was finally able to get my hands on some. There are some immediate differences with the XL and the Jazz III. With the larger size they seem to be slightly floppier. They are the same thickness as the small Jazz 3 so with the same thickness and around a larger size there is less hardness. They are obviously bigger. The raised text on them is different so it provides more grip on my fingers. The raised lettering is of a different style than on the normal Jazz III picks and they give more grip than the normal small Jazz III's raised lettering does. They are still super sharp like normal Jazz III's so you get that crisp bite on the strings with them. If you are like me and the Jazz III pick was too small for you Dunlop has made a larger version which will fit you perfectly. This pick is very good and I would recommend it to people who like large picks but want a sharp small pick sound.