Zplane Elastique Pitch
Zplane Elastique Pitch

Elastique Pitch, Pitch Shifter/Time Stretcher from Zplane.

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BeyondR 10/01/2013

Zplane Elastique Pitch : Recensione di BeyondR (content in English)


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There weren't any kind of compatibility issues.
The manual is quite clear and the design allows to get a fast understanding of the product itself.
The general configuration and setup are easy to follow and don't require much time.
Everything is very straight forward which allows to get the most of the program as possible.


The software works extremely great also as an VST or as a standalone and rtas , the soft is extremely well-made and stable,I have never had any issues regarding the editing and making the sounds even if I've been using this program for a while now.

The gear is very stable and I've been getting great performances with this product that doesn't requite high cpu resources.


What I like most about this product is that is has a multi-channel: support for synchronous pitching of up to 8 layers.

I also love the fact that is can be used in real time , so it doesn't require a lot of time to process the data , it has a great quality in terms of pitch shifting no matter the tone or the register itself.

This product has also a midi pitch control which is extremely handy.

My opinion about the value of price is that it gives a great control over the sound itself , over the pitch, the format , the timbre , the overtones , and with all of that the price is only 200 $.

Precision and quality of the sound is without a doubt to mention one of the greatest I have ever worked along with Melodyne which is also a great product regarding time shifting and pitch control.

Knowing what I know, I would love to buy this program again , mainly because of its great quality provided , the easy design , the fast and perfect control.