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AudioArtist 10/09/2012

Waves Tune : Recensione di AudioArtist (content in English)

"The most transparent tuning option available"

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I'm a ProTools user so ,if you are too, just be sure the plug in/bundle is compatible with your OS and your software, (this same applies to MAC and PC users). Waves does great job of providing updates and fixes for their products, but be warned, you can easily mess yourself if you install the wrong version or update the WaveShell to an inappropriate version. Waves does provide very detailed lists and guidelines for how to do the upgrades/installs but they are a bit confusing and convoluted sometimes. I suppose that is what you have to deal with for buying such absolutely great products. As much as I love Waves products I have to say that their manuals, however detailed, really seem to leave you hanging alot of times. However, if you go to their website you can find a ton of video tutorials that are incredibly helpful. They also have "decent" customer service.
All of the functions are relatively straightforward once you have familiarized yourself with their operation. Some, like the vibrato for instance, are a bit unnecessary in alot of cases but are nice tools to have in the arsenal when you really need them.


I've been using Tune for about seven years now and I must say that it takes awhile to get used to and a bit longer to master.

First off, as powerful and helpful as this product is, there are a few things you need to know before using it.
-Always apply this plug-in first in your track plug-in list. This is not covered or even mentioned in the manual. Using other plug-ins "behind" it is no problem, but if they are placed before... then Tune will behave very erraticaly to the point of being useless.
-It is immensely helpful to know the key and scale of the song. Applying those values into the interface will make your job significantly easier in most cases.

Tune is a huge CPU hog. If your computer is a really slick machine, perhaps you may be able to get by without any problems. For me, Tune really disagrees with some of my more CPU hungry plug-ins.


At any price, this is the best, most transparent, and easiest to master of all the tuning plug-ins available. It will take you a bit to get there, but trust me, once you've got a handle on it, this plug-in will shine. At some point, after learning it's quirks, you can produce corrected vocal tracks that sound flawless and untouched. Also, you can create synth style voices easily. If you are looking for a high quality tuning plug-in, then you've found it Waves Tune.