Suhr Doug Aldrich Bridge
Suhr Doug Aldrich Bridge

Doug Aldrich Bridge, Pickup chitarra from Suhr.

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tjon901 30/07/2011

Suhr Doug Aldrich Bridge : Recensione di tjon901 (content in English)

"Aldrich knows tone"

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Suhr guitars are some of the best custom strat style guitars you can buy. They are played by people in all types of genres of music. Anyone who plays a Suhr swears by the quality of the guitars they put out. They can build you just about anything you want and you know it will be of the highest quality. When people build guitars like these from scratch you dont want to just throw in some one elses pickups. Companies like that who build everything themselves want to throw in their own pickups specially voiced for their own guitars so the pickups and guitar match together perfectly and maximize the performance of the whole instrument. Doug Aldrich is a famous guitar player most famous for playing in Whitesnake recently. He has his own Suhr pickup which is very popular in the aftermarket world because it is just a good pickup overall. Aldrich and Suhr hooked up to make the best possible pickup for his style of hard rock playing. It is the hottest pickup that Suhr makes. It has a huge sound but doesnt lose focus in being so big. The pickup is super tight, it has a very modern feel to it. It is almost like an active pickup because of how tight it is. The high end is high but somehow it never gets harsh. It is the best kind of high end because it keeps your sound from becoming muddy but it does not make your ears bleed. The low end is super tight and focused and can handle just about anything any other passive pickup can handle. If you are looking for a great hard rock pickup that can play just about anything and is not from the typical pickup companies this pickups is a great choice. More and more people are looking to Suhr not just for guitars but for their guitar parts like these pickups.