Seymour Duncan SHPG-1N Pearly Gates Neck - Zebra
Seymour Duncan SHPG-1N Pearly Gates Neck - Zebra

SHPG-1N Pearly Gates Neck - Zebra, Pickup chitarra from Seymour Duncan belonging to the SH-PG1 / TBPG-1 Pearly Gates model.

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wwhhhaatt 09/06/2011

Seymour Duncan SHPG-1N Pearly Gates Neck - Zebra : Recensione di wwhhhaatt (content in English)


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I recently installed this pickup into the bridge position of my ESP Sc6 just to see if it could hang with the Anderson h3 I have been using for years.The SC6 has an alder body, maple neck through, ebony fret board, and a tune-o-matic bridge. My main amp is a Framus Cobra 100 watt tube amp and I also played it through a Peavey 5150 and Hughes & Kettner triamp.I mainly play metal along the lines of pantera, botch, the dillinger escape plan, and also some spacey ambient stuff.

Plugging into my amp without changing my normal settings and the pickup was very thin compared to the Anderson.The clarity is great and the clean sounds are really nice but it lacks the chunk in distortion that I'm used to with the H3. I took a bit and re-did my EQ to try and compensate but was still a bit underwhelmed by it. Boosting the bass got me a little closer to what I was looking for but started to muddy up the sound. I then used an EQ pedal to try and find a happy medium but never quite got the thickness while retaining a tight low end. I have a friend who uses one in his LP style guitar and it sounds great. The construction of that guitar is completely different with a mahogany body and a rosewood board I am sure it is nowhere near as bright of a guitar as my ESP. He also tunes down to B and in that tuning the pickup sounds incredibly full and well balanced.

Overall I would say this pickup would be much better in a guitar made of mahogany or other woods with a lower resonance. The alder and ebony combination is just too bright for it. I would suggest this pickup to people playing classic rock as it has that high-mid thing going or for anyone dropping an LP style guitar down to B and playing some slow doom music.