Seymour Duncan SH-55B Seth Lover Model Bridge - Gold Cover
Seymour Duncan SH-55B Seth Lover Model Bridge - Gold Cover

SH-55B Seth Lover Model Bridge - Gold Cover, Pickup chitarra from Seymour Duncan belonging to the SH-55 Seth Lover Model model.

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heads on fire 10/09/2011

Seymour Duncan SH-55B Seth Lover Model Bridge - Gold Cover : Recensione di heads on fire (content in English)

"Perfect ten."

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This humbucking pickup has the standard stats - two coils, gold-plated metal cover, gold-plated screws, the whole 9 yards.

I'm a fan of vintage guitar tones - old Gibson guitars just knock my socks off in terms of their cool factor, but also for the SOUND!

I bought a nice old Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman guitar, which I loved, but the neck pickup died very shortly after I bought the guitar. That pickup was utterly impossible to find a direct replacement for, as it was a rare proprietary pickup made by famed pickup builder Bill Lawrence for Gibson only for 2 years. So I looked around, and after careful research and consideration, I decided to get a Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickup to put in the guitar.

A little backstory on Seth Lover - he's only the INVENTOR of the humbucking pickup! Those vintage PAF tones we all know and love - that's from Seth. Seymour Duncan is a legend in his own right, and this was a collaborative effort from them to provide something as close to the original design as possible.

Back to the Chet Atkins guitar - the addition of the new SD pickup brought the guitar back to life! The tones were gorgeous, warm, gooey, thick, full of sustain, but always crystal clear. The clean tone is pure heaven. I think this pickup makes a tone that Chet himself would have been proud to play.

I enjoyed playing this pickup so much, I ended up buying a full set for my Les Paul. Wow! It really brought out a more vintage character, something like Jimmy Page or Slash would use - the distorted character on that Les Paul was very nice as well, aggressive, yet still toneful. And the cleans were every bit as good as the Chet Atkins guitar, only a tad mellower. I'd highly recommend these pickups to anyone.