Fishman Matrix Infinity
Fishman Matrix Infinity

Matrix Infinity, Pickup chitarra from Fishman.

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tjon901 03/06/2011

Fishman Matrix Infinity : Recensione di tjon901 (content in English)

"Budget acoustic pickup"

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Fishman is well known for their acoustic guitar pickups. The Infinity is a budget acoustic pickup add on that is easy to install on the under saddle of your guitar. The pickup needs a small hole to be made through the top of the guitar near the bass end of the saddle slot. You will also need to make a hold for the end pin jack. These are the only permanent things you need to do to install this pickup. Many acoustic pickup add on units require extensive modification to your guitar. Some need large holes to be cut and whatnot. A control unit with a tone and volume control with a bass boost button is attached to the inside of your guitar with some adhesive. I have found that this adhesive can wear out if you are playing in humid conditions. This may cause the control unit to become undone and bounce around inside your guitar. The battery pack for the 9v battery is held on with velcro. The pickup has a built in noise reduction system. It rejects the feedback you would normally get amplifying a guitar like this. The feedback reduction system works really well even at high volumes. You can trust this setup not to give any feedback even in live settings. The clarity of the pickup is really nice. You can really hear every note and nothing gets lost in the sound. The pickup picks up the dynamics of your guitar playing really well also. From soft to aggressive it picks up all the nuances of your playing. This picks up the sound evenly with every string. Uneven sound from string to string is a problem some pickups like these have. If you are looking to amplify your acoustic and dont have much to spend this setup could be for you.