EMG 81-7X
EMG 81-7X

81-7X, Pickup chitarra from EMG in the 7 String series.

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Hatsubai 12/04/2011

EMG 81-7X : Recensione di Hatsubai (content in English)

"Revised EMG 81-7"

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EMG has released a new line of pickups called the X series, and the EMG 81-7X is one of the newly renovated pickups they offer. It's still housed in the same bass cover as the original 81-7, but they revised the preamp inside of the pickup to help prevent the strong clipping that occurs in the original model.

The EMG 81-7 is probably the second most well known active pickup for the 7 string world. It’s also notorious for making users route out their guitars if an EMG 7 string pickup was never installed beforehand. This pickup, unfortunately, does not fix that problem. However, it does fix some issues that other users have experienced. A recent thing lately has been running two batteries with EMG pickups to give them more headroom. This helps them sound more organic and less linear and compressed. The revised preamp basically takes the concept of running at 18 volts to a new level.

The EMG 81-7X still has that signature 81 tone going for it. It’s bitey, aggressive and very “in your face.” Single note lines scream, and chords are very clear sounding. However, with the newly revised preamp, this pickup sounds less compressed and more open sounding. This helps it sound more complex under huge chords, but you also lose some of that signature attack that the 81-7 had going for it.

The EMG 81-7X works in any wood you throw at it, but I find that EMGs typically sound best when they’re in mahogany. Some people argue about EMGs having a signature tone that takes over the guitar, and this is true to an extent, but wood still plays a very important factor. I’m not a huge fan of EMGs in basswood, but they can work with the correct EQ.

If you ever wished your 81-7 sounded more open and less compressed, check out the 81-7X. It should be exactly what you’re looking for. If you wished your 81-7 was thicker, check out the 707 or 707X instead.