Dean Markley Tahoe
Dean Markley Tahoe

Tahoe, Pickup chitarra from Dean Markley.

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mooseherman 21/05/2010

Dean Markley Tahoe : Recensione di mooseherman (content in English)

"Another solid acoustic pickup from Dean Markley!"

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This is an acoustic guitar pickup that is made by Dean Markley. That brand has this type of pickup down, if you ask me. The Pro-Mag is a standard amongst acoustic guitar players. This one is a little bit different, but the tone is the same. In which case I mean that the Tahoe pickup sounds just as solid and full as the Pro-Mag. They use the same single-coil technology, so the sounds aren't too different in general. The shape of this pickup is one feature that sets it apart, as it has the black pickup with the actual coils that correspond to each string visible. The one thing I've noticed with some guitars is that the soundhole doesn't always line up with the strings, meaning that the strings don't always rest in the appropriate spot below the strings. I think that this can be an issue with a lot of players, fortunately it worked fine for me. I also liked how this pickup, due to its size and a stereo jack, can be used in tandem with another. It doesn't fit with the Pro-Mag so I haven't tried it, but I'd like to see how it works in tandem with a different kind of pickup (The box suggests using a piezo pickup). The tonal varieties are pretty cool in this way, as you can send them both to amps or PA channels (or one to each), and you can adjust the tone on each channel.
This thing definitely has an advantage on the Pro-Mag if you are willing to use it in tandem with another pickup. It's still fine on its own, assuming that you don't have any issues with the pickups and strings like I mentioned earlier. This is a great product for acoustic players who play gigs and need decent tone.