Bill Lawrence USA L-500-L

L-500-L, Pickup chitarra from Bill Lawrence USA.

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jkessel 01/05/2012

Bill Lawrence USA L-500-L : Recensione di jkessel (content in English)

"B&B, not BLUSA review"

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The L500L is very similar to the L500XL, but lower output. The XL has so much output that harmonics are almost jumping off the fretboard, making playing efforless. This isn't quite that high. It is still a pretty high output pickup, very smooth and much more balanced across the frequency spectrum compared to the very bright XL. Definitely has a vintage vibe to it, comparable to many lower gain pickups of decades before, similar to the DImarzio Super Distortion but tighter and smoother. Works great for any style, but for metal IMO the XL is better. I have both in a few guitars and I much prefer the XL, almost the same tone just much more effortless to play because of the higher output. The L500L is very smooth and vintage but still has a hifi quality to it. The highs are crystal clear and the low end is tight and present. It doesn’t have that cocked wah sound that many rail type pickups have which is great.
Like I’ve stated in the title this is for the B&B model, not the BLUSA. I don’t get into the whole B&B vs BLUSA debate, they are both great pickups designed off the same platform. There’s a youtube video out there comparing the B&B, BLUSA, and Dimebucker all in the same guitar and the differences are so small that you wouldn’t hear them unless you were listening for it. Once it’s multi tracked or in a full band mix the slight differences would be completely gone.
Don’t buy one cause it may be the one Dimebag used, he used all 3 throughout his career. I personally use B&B cause that’s what came in my Dean CFH new, I loved it and bought more from B&B so had no reason to try BLUSA. I liked what I had so no reason to change.