Bill Lawrence USA L-500 XL

L-500 XL, Pickup chitarra from Bill Lawrence USA.

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Audiofanzine FR 15/12/2008

Bill Lawrence USA L-500 XL : Recensione di Audiofanzine FR (content in English)


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(Originally written by ozzy ozburne/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
12.15.2008 update:

I mounted it on a '87 Hamer Steve Stevens and I can reassure you that it sounds amazing. After lots of experiences with this excellent guitar: PRS HFS, Suhr dsh+, Prs #6 (excellent pickup, I wanted to keep it on this Hamer before I tested the XL500...), Gibson HBL (I love it), etc.

I find this pickup has a very close sound to the old Dirty Finger of my LP R7. Big sound, high output level, full sound with solid lows, compact mids and thick highs. With a CTS volume pot, a good condenser on the tone pot and a small modification (treble bleed, see Seymour Duncan's homepage) to have a progressive volume control, I get a typical Les Paul sound with a small and light guitar.

Excellent pickup.

I own the two pickups that carry the same name (Bill Lawrence 500XL USA and Bill Lawrence 500XL Bill and Becky, I bought them on their website) and I compared them with the same amp and guitar.

I didn't do a research on the web to learn more about these pickups... I just play these pickups with my guitars. That's it.

I've been playing since 1992 and I have a good setup (NOS, VHT, Bogner). I mounted the pickup on my Les Paul.

The US version is a good pickup. It has a good punch but it sounds a bit too dry. It's perfect for distortion, IMO. Good pickup!

With the same guitar, the Bill and Becky is much warmer. It has the same power but it sounds more open and fuller, it has more dynamics and presence (especially during band rehearsals). The sound is clearer and more balanced and it simply cuts through better.

It's a powerful pickup without overdoing it (the US version tends to be more aggressive). It crunches very well because its mid range is perfect.

The Bill and Becky can do everything the USA can and much more.

I agree with the previous review. It's an excellent pickup. FYI the B and B version can be easily recognized by its logo.

Last remark: It's not true that you have to wait months for delivery. I bought my B and B two years ago. I wanted a Zebra 500XL but it wasn't available. Becky offered me the chrome version for the same price even though it's more expensive. B and B pickups are handcrafted in small quantities. I love it. That's why I chose NOS for my 2x12" cabinet.

I don't mind the wait (it was only one week)