Rhodes Mark I Stage 73
Rhodes Mark I Stage 73

Mark I Stage 73, Pianoforte Elettrico from Rhodes.

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moosers 20/05/2009

Rhodes Mark I Stage 73 : Recensione di moosers (content in English)


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The Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage 73 is an electric piano that like the name states has 73 keys and has become a classic instrument. It has built in speakers as well as outputs if you want to send this to an amp or direct and also has a built in tremolo effect. It has knobs to control the volume and the speed of the tremolo effect. It also has a sustain pedal and handles on it for easy moving. The feel of the keyboard is awesome overall as it is easy to play and feels great on the fingers. This great feel makes me want to play it all of the time because it is so easy to play and makes everything you play sound great in my opinion. The sound quality of the Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage 73 is also top notch as it has a great overall tone that is uniquely recognizable. I love the way that this keyboard sound and the sustain pedal and tremolo effect only add to its versatility, as it would be a great sounding keyboard without either of these features. While there are a number of different Rhodes electric pianos made by Fender that are great models, the Mark I Stage 73 stands out as a perfected model and is one that is almost flawless. The price of the Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage 73 isn't cheap, but is definitely a reasonable price used if you can find one as this is truly a great electric piano that has a ton of great features to it. I can't say enough about how great all of the electric pianos sound in Fender Rhodes family, and the Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage 73 is one of the best of its kind. Overall, highly recommended to those looking for a great electric piano.