Thomann SP-5500
Thomann SP-5500

SP-5500, Pianoforte Digitale from Thomann.

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andy.robins.16 29/03/2013

Thomann SP-5500 : Recensione di andy.robins.16 (content in English)

"OK, but has it's problems!"

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Fully weighted 88 key with graduated weights (quite nice to play, but see later comments), MIDI I/O, USB MIDI, Footswitch, Stereo audio out


Easy to use, very heavy (!),


Sounds are quite nice for what it is, some great brass/sax there. Piano is perfectly useable.


Overall the SP5500 is ok-ish. My problem with it is that the velocity response is terrible - if you play quick 8ths you are unable to reach full velocity after the first key strike... it peaks around a value of 60-75 after the initial strike. If you play slowly you can get a full velocity response from it. Not good (velocity data measured from MIDI out)

Another problem is the USB MIDI out - It's not recognised by either of my two Macs (2007 Macbook Pro, and a 2011 Mac Pro). I've not tested it with Windows.

Both of these problems are a shame, as I'd like to use the SP550 as a master controller - ended up using a Fatar Studio 90 Plus.

It's under the bed, gathering dust - therefore... Unusable.