Kawai KG-3C
Kawai KG-3C

KG-3C, Pianoforte Acustico from Kawai.

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ericthegreat 22/09/2011

Kawai KG-3C : Recensione di ericthegreat (content in English)


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The Kawai KG-3c is a great grand piano, I used it while in college it has a beautiful sound and is built very well.
Ours was a reconditioned piano. Before we had it , it was a conservatory used intensively and it was restored for the purpose of resale. We use it every day and so far no problem of deterioration has occurred. Many other retailers have warned against this method is saying that the piano will fall apart very quickly. That may be true, but for now we really have no problem, and have been for 2 years.
I tried a lot of pianos before choosing one. What we found most questioned is the sound produced by the instrument. It is beautiful.
What we love most, aside so the sound is the fact that there is a mute (we play in an apartment in the evening), the keys are not difficult to play (some pianos are really unpleasant use).
What we like least is primarily concerned with the mute. Unfortunately it greatly reduces the treble, so that the notes are almost inaudible ... Which is really not practical.

We are very pleased with this piano. The sound and resonance are really nice and does nothing to detract from the game we were referring to this election and we unhesitatingly recommend it to anyone wishing to acquire a quality piano for daily training. I have tried many different piano’s and our university had many different ones, but the Kawai KG 3 was the best one that I have every came in contact with. Plus the price isn’t too bad either. It’s actually an average price for what a full grand piano for its caliber should be costing these days you may be able to get a great deal on one If you find one that is refurbished like we did. But you will need to tune immediately.